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CC-Workshop "LinkedIn - an agile approach"

by Tina Persson

Zoom (online)




How to use the algorithms, so the job finds you: how to ‘skill’ search for a job (An AGILE job hunt approach using LinkedIn and other digital platforms)

Headhunters select candidates by skills, so why don’t you think like a headhunter and use the same strategy in the job search? AI and algorithms control the platforms and make the jobs find you! Therefore, learning how the algorithms work and the critical skills defining your future job are essential for a successful career development and job hunt.

Strategy: Learn how to search job boards and use the algorithms by skills to identify roles you otherwise wouldn’t have known existed. The labor market is dynamic, with new job titles popping up all the time, so if you only search for jobs by job title (you already know), you could be missing out on your future dream job.

 This session will be an agile interactive session, with the skill job searching strategy demonstrated live with examples.

You will also be introduced to the future AI world.

 This session will cover the following:

  • A practical and agile demonstration of using job boards - LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor – as part of your career exploration
  • Developing a strategy for searching job boards based on skills, using your drives and motivations
  • Being systematic in your approach: scanning job ads for skills, keeping records, and switching between platforms to find out more and make new connections
  • Become more confident in your approach as you see new opportunities. Become more resilient if you don’t find anything of interest on any one day by remembering that the market is always changing

Pre-Course material:

  • The Career Choice Indicator – Learning your drives & motivation, and skills connected to a job field


About Tina

Tina Persson, PhD is a sought-after speaker, author, podcaster, and entrepreneur whose creativity, confidence, and tenacity have earned her a reputation as a dynamic leader.

Tina spent nearly two decades in academia, followed by eight years as an industry recruiter and talent sourcer. She knows firsthand how hard it can be to transition from one to the other and what you need to do it successfully.

She is also an executive leadership coach and has worked with over 1000 high-level professionals to help them navigate their leadership journeys. Tina’s experience as a coach and her creativity and background in business has allowed her to help countless individuals transform into successful leaders.

Her approach focuses on growth and empowerment. She helps her clients build trust in themselves by showing them how to use goal-setting and people skills to achieve success, no matter the organization or business.

In addition to her coaching work, Tina is an inventor with two patents related to RNA research. She is currently on the board at Aptahem, where she uses her expertise in RNA to help the company develop aptamers that prevent septic shock without coagulation (and with anti-inflammatory effects).



Check out her full CV on her webpage:


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